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Tai Chi Instructor, Santa Fe NM


Tai Chi Santa Fe New Mexico

The Winged Lion School is under the direction of Master Michael DeMarco.

In choosing to study tai chi, it’s very important to understand the real significance of a teacher’s background. Are the credentials presented truly compelling, or are they decoys empty of substance?

The following bio note for Master DeMarco is for your reference. He welcomes any questions concerning his background.

In 1965 DeMarco began studying kuntao-silat, a hybrid of Chinese and Indonesian arts in the Willem Reeders lineage. His teachers were Arthur Sykes, Thomas Pepperman, and Richard Lopez. In 1973 he was introduced to Dong Style tai chi through a student of Dong Yingjie, and eventually Mike went to study in Taiwan in 1976, 1984-85, 1989, and 2017. He studied Yang Style under Yang Qingyu; Xiong Yonghe lineage; Chen Style under Du Yuze and Tu Zongren; Chen Yenxi lineage.

Mike balanced his study of martial arts with academic pursuits and employment that nurtured his familiarity with Asian cultures and their martial traditions.


Mike utilized his martial art training, academic studies, and travel experience when writing for various periodicals and books. He wrote more than 75 articles for martial art periodicals including: 

  - Black Belt                                         

  - Inside Karate                

  - Inside Kung Fu              

  - Internal Arts                       

  - Samurai (Italy)              

  - Taijiquan Journal         

A great way to meet with other scholar/practitioners was by participating in academic conferences. For a decade, Mike participated annually in conferences held by the Central States Anthropological Society and the Association for Asian Studies, either serving as a panel discussant or presenting papers. These panels always had a focus on Asian martial traditions.

Outside the U.S.A., Mike presented a paper at the European Congress sponsored by the International Council for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport and Dance, in 1998 London, England. A few years later he gave the keynote address at the First World Congress on Combat Sports and Martial Arts held in Amiens, France. More recently Mike was invited by Masaryk University in the Czech Republic to lecture for a week in November 2015. He spoke on topics of martial arts research and academic publishing and taught a practical tai chi class.


In addition to publishing and writing, Mike consulted and appeared in a few national television documentaries about martial arts that were aired on the Discovery Channel, Arts & Entertainment, The History Channel, and The Learning Channel.


Not many have such a broad, rich background in Asian history, culture, and martial traditions. This makes for a highly qualified tai chi master who can offer instruction that is far beyond the norm—beneficial for nurturing health, effective as a therapeutic modality, practical as a form of self-defense, and fun as an activity!

- Arte d'Oriente (Italy)                    

- Tai Chi and Alternative Health (England)

- Taijiquan and Qigong Journal (Germany)

- Journal of Asian Martial Arts          

- Revista de Artes Marciales (Spain)

- Karate Budo Journal (Germany)

Wuxia ft cvr new 4in.jpg

Wuxia America is an exciting ride intertwining culture, history, medicine, martial arts, and mystery. DeMarco’s novella draws on the wuxia theme of using martial arts for justice through Dr. Lou’s reluctant heroism, while also delving into the cultural connections between China and America, and the contributions Chinese Americans have made to society. — Richly engaging.”

— David Hazard, Ph.D. Stanford University

YMB ft cvr F 2.5in.jpg

"Michael DeMarco is our era's leading scholar and storyteller when it comes

to that vast array of human experiences called martial art . . .  An important read." — James Grady, author of Three Days of the Condor, staring Robert Redford.


"In this book, the power and ingenuity of Chinese fighting arts flow open before our eyes in precise, engaging text . . ."

— Manuel Adrogue, Taekwondo 7th dan

Winged Lion School of Tai Chi Santa Fe New Mexico

Yang Style Lineage

Yang Luchan (1799-1872)
founder of Yang Style
Yang Jianhou (1839-1917)
3rd son of Luchan
Yang Shaohou (1862-1930)
1st son of Jianhou
Hu Puan (1878-1947)
Xiong Yanghe (1886-1984)
Yang Qingyu (1915-2002)


Michael DeMarco

School Lineage

  • 1965: began studying the Chinese-Indonesian hybrid style of kuntao-silat under Art Sykes (1934-2008) and Thomas Pepperman (1951-2013) in the William Reeder's tradition. Click for article on Reeder's.

  • 1971: continued kuntao-silat under Richard Lopez (1933-2014) until his passing.

  • Dong Style tai chi from Harold Chou, a student of Dong Yingjie (1898-1961).

  • 1973: studied 1976; studied Yang Style tai chi in Taiwan under Yang Qingyu (b. April 12, 1915; d. Feb. 6, 2002) in the tradition of Xiong Yanghe (1886-1984). Click for article on Xiong (English) (Spanish)

  • 1984-85 & 1989: studied the original Chen Style tai chi in Taiwan under Du Yuze (1896-1990) and Tu Zongren (b. 1944) in the Chen Yenxi lineage. Click for article about Master Du.

Master-Disciple Relationship

Within a lifetime, an individual can accomplish many great things. It helps to inherit a few hundred years of accumulated experience 

that can be imparted by a qualified teacher.

This is why a "master-disciple" relationship 

has been held in high regard across cultures.

In the Asian martial traditions, this relationship is beyond the common concept we associate with the student-teacher method of instruction. It is much more personal, taking into account students' character and emotional maturity. Lineage is the vital link in the transmission

of any martial art.

Winged Lion School of Tai Chi Santa Fe New Mexico
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