deVries+Reeders+Liu Seong
Reeder's uncle Liu Seong taught him the Chinese system associated with his royal family. This photos taken in Indonesia shows Liu Seong blocking attacks from his nephew and Ernest deVries. Photo courtesy of R. Lopez.
William Reeders
This photo of Reeders (October 29, 1917-August 14, 1990) was taken in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and provided courtesy of Robert Servidio. Weapons on the wall are called tjabang in Indonesian (Japanese, sai). Richard Lopez was noted for making exceptionally high quality tjabang and made a number according to Reeders’ specifications.
Sykes, Reeders, Lopez
Group photograph at a tournament hosted by two Reeders' leading students, Arthur Sykes and Richard Lopez, at St. Joseph’s Church auditorium, 1963: Arthur E. Sykes (1934-2008), Gerard Durant (1923-1991), a Canadian instructor, Reeders, and Richard Lopez. Sykes was my first formal teacher. Photo courtesy of R. Lopez.
Reeder's and Sykes
Willem Reeders and Arthur Sykes pose during a tournament. During the mid-1960s, Sykes had a very small class at the Pythian Temple, located at 1121 Peach St., in Erie, PA. Sometimes only myself and Tom Pepperman would be there. Other Reeders students stopped to visit, including Richard Lopez, Guy Savelli, Ray Cunningham, and Patrick Sheldon. Photo courtesy of T. Pepperman.
Sykes + slabs
Arthur Sykes calmly focuses before pulverizing seven concrete blocks with a palm-strike. Photo courtesy of T. Pepperman.
Arthur Sykes
A memorable demo.
Sykes school patch.
Thomas Pepperman
Tom was highly successful in the competitive “karate” tournament circuit, and has been teaching for over forty years. Photo courtesy of T. Pepperman.
Mike + Pepperman
DeMarco and Pepperman reunion in Erie, PA, not far from where Tom had his first school at 1013 State Street.
Reeders + Lopez
Reeders and Lopez at a tournament in Erie, PA. Photo courtesy of R. Lopez. 1963.
Reeders + Mike
A gathering in Dunkirk, NY.
Mike + Cargioli
What’s that shoe size? Not sure if classmate Ron Cargioli blocked that one, or just ran away... At the studio of another Reeder's student Ray Cunningham, where Lopez also taught.
DeMarco + Lopez
Getting tips for tjabang/sai blocking techniques. Master Lopez was discussing the importance of the weapon’s angles for striking and parrying. 1975
Grandmaster Xiong Yonghe.
Master Yang Qingyu 楊清玉
A leading representative of the Xiong tai chi system, Master Yang (April 12, 1915-February 6, 2002) in a formal photograph.
Mike + Yang in Taipei.
Mike and Master Yang pose before a statue of Gen. Chennault in New Park in 1976. Lieutenant General Claire Lee Chennault (1893–1958) was an American military aviator who commanded the "Flying Tigers" during World War II in China. Master Yang served in the military during those years of great unrest in China.
Yang calligraphy.
Framed poem by Master Yang given to Mike in 1976. It means that, regardless of the ocean depths or the vastness of the sky, friendship is close.
Yang + Mike in Puli Taiwan.
Master Yang and Mike at the Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy) Buddhist Temple. Photo date May 21,1989.
Push-hands with Dr. Tao.
Tao Ping-siang 陶玶誠, was a classmate of Yang Qingyu. He studied with Xiong and also Zheng Manqing.
Dr. Tao + Mike
Du Family
Master Du Yuzi (back row in the center) was the son of the Governor (sitting at right) who oversaw the jurisdiction of Chen Village, where tai chi was born. He hired Chen Yenxi, the leading tai chi representative, as the family bodyguard.
Master Du Yuze
Master Du, Chen Style
September 3, 1989 was special. On this day, Tu Zongren’s students came to formally become “indoor disciples”. Dietmar Stubenbaum, Huang Shichuan, and myself kowtowed three times in front of Grandmaster Du and Master Tu as part of the ceremony. Photo by of D. Stubenbaum.
Chen Style certificate
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Reeders + Mike

A gathering in Dunkirk, NY.